Wherwell Family Hero Makes Hampshire Life Book of the Month

Rogue Male by Roger Field and Geoffrey Gordon CreedThis is the untold story of one of the most lethal and successful soldiers of the Second World War – a highly decorated hero as well as a self-confessed rogue. He is also the Father of Wherwell resident and Grandfather of Mila, who worked in Chilbolton Stores.

In the tank war in the desert of North Africa, Major Geoff, as he came to be known, quickly showed himself a soldier of superb athleticism, unwavering will to win and almost superhuman instincts when it came to survival and outwitting the enemy. Almost incredibly he won the Military Cross on his very first day in action. He fought alongside the SAS in its early days and was with them while they were forging the ruthless fighting techniques that have made them feared throughout the world. He played a decisive role in the Greek resistance to German occupation. While in Greece he also became involved in some of the dirtiest hand to hand fighting of the war. To the men with whom he fought shoulder to shoulder he was ‘Saint Geoff’, to his enemies he was the devil incarnate, a man who would stop at absolutely nothing, and to his critics among the partisans he a was a womanizer, more interested in enjoying himself than killing the enemy.

This is an honest account of winning the war not by fair play but by being more ruthless than your enemy. But maybe what is even more extraordinary than his soldiering – its predatory ruthlessness and amorality – is the frank account of sexual adventuring that went with it. This is how the dogs of war behave when they are let off the leash.

Author Roger Field became fascinated by the untold story of Major Geoff following a chance conversation with Geffory Gordon-Creed’s son and was determined to see Major Geoff’s enthralling story in print. Through Gordon Creed’s sons he was given access to previously unseen journals and letters and the result is a brutally honest account of the merciless tactics employed on and off the battlefields

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