What’s the value in a village shop?

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The last month has seen the arrival of quite a few new faces in the village and its been lovely to meet everyone. It’s also been lovely to hear that one of their reasons for buying a house in Chilbolton, is that it has a village shop and pub. ¬†Community has been one of the common points mentioned and the fact that Chilbolton feels like it has a genuine community spirit.

Great to hear I think you’ll agree, but it got me thinking; does a shop and pub add value to property?

homes-increasing-in-value1Apparently so from a few conversations with estate agents and searching on the web. The general feeling is that a village adds around 5% to property within the village (that’s 25,000 on a ¬£500,000 house), but hopefully its more than that.

Just think about how many times you meet friends walking down to, or in the shop. How would people keep up with the village bush telegraph and gossip? Births, marriages and sadly the inevitable deaths are all events that
pass across people’s lips when in the village shop.

Certainly Jo and I love the fact that Chilbolton Stores is a key part of the community. Whether you are young, old or somewhere in between we’ve always worked to make sure that everyone is welcome and we’re so pleased when new arrivals come down and say “We’re so glad we moved to Chilbolton, we’re so lucky to have a village shop like this”.

Its always good to feel valued and hopefully we’re here more for than just your morning newspaper or a stamp…