Thoughts from a sunny Easter in Chilbolton

I can only apologise for the length of time between writing my last article, but I’ve been blogged out with the day job I’m afraid.

I write this as I am sat outside Chilbolton Village Stores watching the world go by. Its Good Friday afternoon and the sun has moved round behind the shop making the table a cool and pleasant spot to watch the world go by.

The latest warm weather and change in the seasons since my last blog has been dramatic to say the least. On the days when I’ve been in London, driving back as the sun has been setting the view coming into the village is truly spectacular. It always reminds me of what a beautiful part of Hampshire we live in.

Today with the temperature climbing into the mid twenties, you may have been excused for thinking you were down in Studland Bay – Dorset, with people piling out of cars with buckets, fishing nets, towels and wind breaks.

Chilbolton Common or Bournemouth Beach?

Coming back from Chilbolton Common or Bournemouth Beach?

Everyone has been smiling and there has been a general holiday atmosphere. Hopefully there won’t be any instances of common rage with people who have managed to park on the common; I hope not, but it seems that some people feel that they have to park across the drives to the houses on the common. I’ve never quite understood why this happens as surely those that park across the drives wouldn’t expect to be blocked into their own houses.

Chilbolton Common - Cars Blocking Access

Please don’t block access to the houses on Chilbolton Common

I took a walk down to the common and most people had parked with consideration, but some interesting parking across one gate would have made it difficult to get a car through, let alone an emergency vehicle.

We live in a beautiful part of the Test Valley and its great that people want to share Chilbolton Common, but if you are driving down, you could drop the kids off and either park at West Down or in the village where there is more space; Chilbolton Village Shop do a great range of New Forest Icecream and there’s nothing better than a cold glass of your favourite tipple at the Abbots Mitre. They do fantastic Pizza as well. Just what the Doctor ordered after a day in the sun.

Enjoy the summer and enjoy Chilbolton Common.