The Village Shop – An extension of your larder

Chilbolton Village Shop is an extension of your larder

We’re here for the essentials and the things you can’t get from Tesco.

One of my clients, who works for a large household name, said to me recently that running a village shop must be extremely difficult, as you can’t compete with the supermarkets. I replied you’re right, but we’re an extension to your larder. He laughed and asked what I meant, which prompted me to write this.

As a village shop we can never compete with the supermarket’s buying power to drive their suppliers to provide them with products, so cheap that dairy farmers are selling up in the UK. What we can be is an extension to your larder, the place you turn to when you run out of those essential ingredients; an onion, a leek, salt, rice, pasta. We’re also the place where you can just pop in on a Sunday morning and pick up your croissants, bacon and eggs with your papers.

But we also supply those other goodies which you can’t get with your weekly run to Tesco or Waitrose. The local cakes for tea with your Mum or Grandparents, free range sausages, smoked trout, locally cured meats and cheeses for lunch, freshly picked strawberries (it will only be a couple of weeks) and fresh bread first thing in the morning.

We’re here for the things you can’t get from a supermarket as well as the items you forgotten to buy.

And like your larder its conveniently not far to go.