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Social Networking logosSocial media hit Chilbolton in a big way on Tuesday with the a great impromptu evening of Blues in the Abbot’s Mitre. Jo was on Facebook, when I walked in the door and she suddenly picks up the phone, whilst typing with the other hand. We’re going to the pub, she calls and I’m just rounding up the troops.

What she meant was that Dave had posted on Facebook that they had a great Blues Trio in the pub and it would be good to see everyone. Jo quickly ‘liked’ this on Facebook and also picked up the phone to our village friends. Half an hour later we’re in the pub and people people are coming in for what was great evening of music and general chat with friends. Don’t worry Scott and Jamie, Jo will forgive you if you buy her a drink 🙂

Now there are those in the village who may have heard of Facebook and Twitter, but thought that it was something for the youngsters and was full of stalkers and you could get a virus. Actually Facebook is used by all ages and is growing in popularity with parents and grandparents, as a way of keeping up with their children and grandchildren.

Within the village Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch with other people and hearing about events, viewing photos and just generally chatting. Wondering who else is going to the pub tonight, or what specialities we’ve got in the shop? Just check on Facebook or start following us on Twitter.

Chilbolton is a community and the internet is a great way of extending this beyond the physical boundaries of dark winter nights and wet days. For those in the village who are housebound, setting up a Facebook account and following people in the village on Twitter has been a great opportunity for them to be part of the community, without needing to arrange a lift into the village.

Chilbolton Stores delivery service

This brings me on to the other item in the title, our new weekly deliver service. If you’re struggling to get into the village at the moment, or find it difficult to carry your shopping back, then let us help with our weekly delivery. Deliveries will be on a Friday and orders should be made by Wednesday. This means that we can include your requests for fresh fish, Greenfields free range pork or fresh meat, at supermarket prices on your order. You can also follow all our announcements through the Chilbolton Stores website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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