Its Not Go Ape – Its Tree Runners in Hampshire

Tree Runners - Go Ape but betterSunday night normally sees Jo and I relaxing in front of the TV after our afternoon off, but last Sunday was slightly different… Tree Running at Night!

TreeRunners is the newest venture to arrive in Chilbolton and Wherwell and for those of you who have been to a Go Ape site and enjoyed leaping from tree to tree using a variety of wires, ropes and logs, you’ll know what a great day out this is.

TreeRunners have upped the excitement level and Ben, who was the inspiration behind TreeRunners should have known better when he asked Jo if she knew anyone who would volunteer to attempt the course at night!

Tree Runners Night Time Adventure

Its very dark when you’re half way up a tree at night with TreeRunners

Well of course that was it and Sunday night saw Jo, David join fellow volunteers, or should that read nutters, at the White Lion. Kimberley, who many will know from the Priory where she is more used to riding than swinging through the trees, was a little surprised to find out that her quiet Sunday drink with friends was becoming a little more active… but she grabbed her trainers and off we went (she may forgive Emma given time and space 😉 ).

By now its dark and I’m talking seriously dark, so whilst Emma told us about the witches and various other forest dwellers, we arrived in the middle of Harewood Forest.

Trooping out of our cars we were all extremely confident or was it simply nervous bravado, Andy and Ben quickly set us up with harnesses and head torches. A quick instruction on the practice course, where Kimberley demonstrated her instructors methods. Left, no left hand, no that’s your right hand, the other left….! We were already to climb up onto the Green Course.

Fantastic, amazing, scream if you want to go faster cool – TreeRunning is awesome. Relatively simple hirewires (yes I said simple), turned into wobbling logs, a climbing wall (!!!!) and then the rope swing. Fun in the day, but an inspired leap into the unknown in the dark, before weaving in an out of hoops. You don’t realise how high you are, until you get to the next platform. Then you see a pin pick of light below and Ben yells ‘Wave to the camera…’.

Jumping off at Tree Runners - Go Ape but better

Following Jo, as she climbs out into the darkeness, we end up at the Zip Line. All I can say is WOW(very loudly) as I streaked through the blackness. Then the landing area rapidly looms into the small pool of light from my head torch and you’ve arrived! The final landing stage is a leap of faith, as you clip onto the descender and jump into the dark…Some of us landing more gracefully than others, Ed ;-).

As we all gathered back at the lodge and enjoyed our well needed glass of wine, we were like a bunch of kids at a birthday party, chattering away about how cool it was and what a fantastic experience we just had and when could we go back. All oblivious to the fact that its almost midnight.

All I can say is don’t Go Ape, go TreeRunning in Harewood Forest, Hampshire. Its a fantastic activity day out.



We will be back in the day light

Here’s a video of what its like in the day 🙂