Hurrah! Its Finished






Tuesday afternoon saw our first unsheduled shop closure of the project. Disappointing I know but unfortunately it was unavoidable, as the cold temperature meant that the latex, put down on the floor the previous day, had not hardened sufficiently to lay the tiles.
It was deemed hard enough however, to open in the morning with protective cardboard for people to walk on.  I then had a pensive hour or two waiting to see if the traffic would damage the latex… it was fine!

So at 12.30pm we shut for the final time and Aztec Flooring of Andover spent the next seven and a half hours laying our new tiles.  The final piece of the jigsaw!

And it looks great, well I think so anyway… but I may be biased!  Why don’t you pop in
and judge for yourselves?  We hope to organise a reopening event in a few weeks but you don’t have to wait until then, we’d love to see you now!

Thank you to all our contractors who have worked so hard and to all our customers who have been so patient and supportive.



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