Chilbolton Chooses Hampshire Free Range Turkeys

Well its almost December, the lights went up on the shop this week and David went off to collect the Christmas Trees on Friday. This cold weather has certainly made us feel Christmassy and its been great to see so many friends walking around the village over the weekend. There just seems to be a real feel good atmosphere in the village at the moment.

One thing which has been very clear is that our new supplier of Hampshire Free Range Turkeys is a hit with two thirds of our turkey orders so far being for the Hampshire Free Range Bronze Turkey. Jo and I are both really pleased and I’m looking forward to picking them all up on the 23rd December and then racing round Chilbolton, Wherwell and the surrounding villages.

We’re also pleased to say that although our Hampshire Free Range Turkeys, may have all the love and attention you would expect of a farm that does’t intensively rear turkeys, they will not break the bank, as we purchase them direct from Noah’s Ark Farm and not a butcher or intermediary, which not only reduces the cost, but also the food miles, as the Turkeys do not leave the farm until I collect them on Thursday 23rd December.

Compare these prices:
Chilbolton Stores £8.75 per Kg
Marks & Spencers £8.99 per Kg (collect only)
Waitrose £9.39 per Kg (collect only)
Copa £11.40 per Kg (ordered on online and delivered based on a 5kg bird)

This reflects our passion for not only making local food taste better, but also, where we can cost less, not just in money, but also on food miles and impact on the environment. All our suppliers are chosen because they share our passion for local food.

If you want to find our more about our Hampshire Free Range Turkeys, just check the information displayed in our window, alternatively visit the Chilbolton Stores website

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