Fancy a Gossip at Chilbolton Stores?

Morning Coffee and a Gossip at Chilbolton Village Shop

Morning Coffee and a Chat

What could be better on a damp November morning than popping in to the Chilbolton Village Shop for a gossip with friends? Well Eileen and Victoria didn’t need to think twice about it and that’s one of the reasons we took over the village shop in Chilbolton. We all love to catch up with friends and the shop is great place to do it, especially when its grey and drizzling outside. A cup of hot freshly made cappuccino, a freshly made doughnut and you can wile away the hours quite happily with friends.

At the end of the day the village shop isn’t just about buying your milk, bread and getting your morning papers, its about meeting friends and finding out what’s been happening in the village or with friends and family. Word has been getting out about our bean to cup coffee machine and the fantastic cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and espressos we now serve; the table and chairs make it easy to sit and watch the world come and go, so feel free to do exactly that.

Come down and have a chat, everyone is welcome and no-one’s a stranger, especially if you’ve got some gossip…

…come on now, don’t be shy we want to hear it.

Have a great weekend

David & Jo

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