Disposable Barbecues – Are they worth it?

This may seem an odd statement from someone like me who likes nothing more than lighting up the barbecue and cooking anything from sausages and chicken legs to legs of lamb and even paella (in a pan 🙂 ).

However the disposable barbecue has become a bit of a boom industry over the last 10 years, with millions being sold annually.

So what’s the problem?

Barbecue burning Chilbolton Common

Disposable Barbecue Burning Chilbolton Common

After walking round the common on Easter Monday evening, a few other people on the common were echoing the same question? “So what’s the problem, its only burning a small bit of grass?”

The problem with disposable barbecues is that they are cheap, some costing no more than a £1, but they are often placed directly on the grass, rather than on stones or a rack, if they come with one. This not only kills the grass, but in dry conditions could start a grass fire.

BBQ Burns Chilbolton Common

If you walk round Chilbolton Common at the moment the number of barbecue sites is growing, so to answer the question, ‘What’s the problem, its only a small piece of grass’; by the end of the summer, those small bits of grass will have grown to a patchwork of black spots around the river bank. Those barbecuing in the evening also forget that it takes time for the barbecue to cool, so unfortunately they are left for the morning walkers to find.