Day 3 – The Shop Fitters Arrive

Yesterday, was a very long day!  The shopfitters (GDP from Norwich) arrived around 7am and got straight down to work.  My day, along with my glamorous assistants Gaynor and Jackie, was spent mainly moving stock from point A, to point B, to point C, and back again… also making tea, washing shelves, sweeping floors etc.  I know my place.

Shelves were quickly taken down and put up again, a door appeared  and disappeared behind one set.  Our able electrician, Steve Picco, made a valiant effort to keep up.
The shopfitters left… to return next week… and Gavin and Ross from G R Cousins took over… Steve kept going!


At around 8pm, David and I, deemed the shop in a fit state to open the following morning.
My thanks to the following:
Gaynor – my right hand woman.
Jackie – without whom the shelves would be empty and stock all over the floor.
GDP – they were organised, good natured and worked at the speed of light.
Steve Picco – coped admirably with our electrics that have “evolved” over the last 50 years.
G R Cousins – back again today (Friday), have been efficient and accommodating from the start.

I’m looking forward to a break over the weekend, roll on next week!Jo



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