Chilbolton Wines

Chilbolton Stores has partnered with a new wine supplier, which we’re all very excited about

Stone, Vine & Sun was named after the three most important influences on a bunch of grapes, and therefore wine: the earth, the plant and the weather. It reflects all ourĀ beliefs that wines should have a sense of place. As a result Stone, Vine & SunĀ strive to buy from independent, family-owned producers, whose husbandry of their land increasingly encourages the adoption of sustainable, organic or bio-dynamic methods of cultivation.

Our focus will be on affordable wines that are have a quality which sets them apart from others. Whether you’re looking for a quaff-able every day drink, or something special for the weekend or to take to a friend’s house for dinner, there will be something to suit.

Stone, Vine & Sun are a local company and like all our smaller suppliers they will be working with us to keep a range of wines which change with the seasons.

We offer case discounts of 5% and can organise wine on Sale or Return for local events. Just ask Jo for details and look out for our tasting events.