Chilbolton Stores Refit Starts


After months of planning the long awaited refit of Chilbolton Stores is about to start. Scheduled to take place over the last two weeks of January, the refit supported with funding from Hampshire County Council and SEEDA will see the shop transformed into a more open airy environment with more modern facilities and ease of access for all.

The first stage started on Sunday 17th January with the removal of the aging gondola shelving units, which have probably been in the shop since the 1970s.

The ensuing space is amazing and you begin to get an idea of how much space will be created with post office fortress being removed as well.

Yes the floor does look a bit of a mess, but on Wednesday Aztec Flooring from Andover will be arriving to remove all the old tiles and the real work begins. Once the old tiles have been taken up, the new counter will be the first bit to be installed,followed quickly by the new Post Office counter. Once these are set up the Post Office systems will be moved and the old Fortress will be removed.


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