Website Update

Good afternoon, This is a little practise post in which, if all works well, will inform you that I am very slowly getting to grips with updating the website and as my confidence grows, it will become a more frequent activity ūüôā watch this space for more shop news ūüôā I will be back soon

Chilbolton Stores Book Swap

Recycle your read books!

How it works…

  • All approved books are marked with a red sticker, books must be in a fit state to be read and brought back
  • Choose your book from the selection and take it to the counter along with any books you have to swap.
  • A member of staff will check that the book to be swapped is acceptable and mark it with a red sticker.
  • If you do not have a book to swap the price of each book is ¬£1.
  • If you do have a book to swap the price is 50p.
  • You may swap more than one book at a time but the minimum price is 50p per book taken away, regardless of how many books you bring in.
  • Read, enjoy and return.

Chilbolton Village Fete and BBQ

Last weekend saw¬†frenzy in the village.¬† The shop was filled with charcoal, salad, lamb, burgers, sausages, casks of ale and coconuts… it was that time again, the village fete.¬† Chilbolton Stores had once again been asked to provide the bar-b-que.

We couldn’t have been luckier with the weather, Saturday was dry, sunny and very, very hot.¬† Much hotter of course behind the three huge BBQs needed to provide food on that sort of scale.¬† Thank you to David, Carol and Patrick for suffering that on our behalf.

At 12.30pm we had our first customers and I think we had a queue back to the Pimms and Beer tent from then on, Martin, Liz, Trisha and I hardly had a chance to look up.  The upshot was a very successful stall that took nearly £1400 and the fete making over £10,000.  Overall, a grand day out!

Remember, you can get many products featured at the fete in your local village store:

Sausages and Pork and Apple Burgers from Greenfield Free-Range Pork
Gold Muddler Ale from Andwell Brewery
And look out for forthcoming promotions on Pimms
If you ask him very nicely David might even tell you how he makes the marinade for the lamb!
Why not take advantage of the website and order your products on-line?


Hurrah! Its Finished






Tuesday afternoon saw our first unsheduled shop closure of the project. Disappointing I know but unfortunately it was unavoidable, as the cold temperature meant that the latex, put down on the floor the previous day, had not hardened sufficiently to lay the tiles.
It was deemed hard enough however, to open in the morning with protective cardboard for people to walk on.¬† I then had a pensive hour or two waiting to see if the traffic would damage the latex… it was fine!

So at 12.30pm we shut for the final time and Aztec Flooring of Andover spent the next seven and a half hours laying our new tiles.  The final piece of the jigsaw!

And it looks great, well I think so anyway… but I may be biased!¬† Why don’t you pop in
and judge for yourselves?¬† We hope to organise a reopening event in a few weeks but you don’t have to wait until then, we’d love to see you now!

Thank you to all our contractors who have worked so hard and to all our customers who have been so patient and supportive.



The End of Week Two






We’ve made it… I have been tardy at updating the site this week, mainly because I haven’t left the shop until 10pm most nights.¬† So a quick recap…

Monday – The new Post Office Counter was delivered.¬† Now I know many of you don’t recognise it as a Post Office Counter and think I should still¬†be caged but I promise you it is actually much more secure and the glass partitions of the old counter were there purely to protect the customers from grumpy subpostmistresses.
Tuesday РA day of almost closure, for the Post Office to move their equipment!  And the old fortress is taken down!
Wednesday – A (nearly) normal day when yours truely wrestles to get to grips with the new layout behind the counter and series of safes, alarms, timers and keys… I told you it was more secure.
Thursday – Final shopfitter’s visit!¬† There is light at the end of the tunnel!¬† Everything starts to take shape.¬† David returns from the city to a completely different shop, spurred on by the changes he insists on moving stock around¬†until late, late, late.¬† What an exciting life we do lead.

Friday – We’re almost there, most people can see how it will look eventually.¬† Just the floor to go down, a bit more tidying and organising and moving things about and we’re there.

Roll on the 3rd and final week!


Day 3 – The Shop Fitters Arrive

Yesterday, was a very long day!¬† The shopfitters (GDP from Norwich) arrived around 7am and got straight down to work.¬† My day, along with my glamorous assistants Gaynor and Jackie, was spent mainly moving stock from point A, to point B, to point C, and back again… also making tea, washing shelves, sweeping floors etc.¬† I know my place.

Shelves were quickly taken down and put up again, a door appeared  and disappeared behind one set.  Our able electrician, Steve Picco, made a valiant effort to keep up.
The shopfitters left… to return next week… and Gavin and Ross from G R Cousins took over… Steve kept going!


At around 8pm, David and I, deemed the shop in a fit state to open the following morning.
My thanks to the following:
Gaynor – my right hand woman.
Jackie – without whom the shelves would be empty and stock all over the floor.
GDP – they were organised, good natured and worked at the speed of light.
Steve Picco – coped admirably with our electrics that have “evolved” over the last¬†50 years.
G R Cousins – back again today (Friday), have been efficient and accommodating from the start.

I’m looking forward to a break over the weekend, roll on next week!Jo



Wednesday – The floor comes up

Today the main work started and Aztec Flooring arrived at 1pm sharp to remove the old lino and carpet flooring in preparation for the first team of shop fitters and builders who arrive on Thursday.



Unsurprisingly the tiles came off extremely easily and in just over an hour everything had been removed and we were left with a bare floor. Having been extremely nervous about the state of the floor, but we were pleased to find that it was actually in good condition.

We’re all ready now for Thursday, which will see GDP our shop fitters arrive to fit the new counter and reorganise the shelving behind.

On Friday you’ll see a different perspective of Jo, Gaynor, Gill and Jackie and look out for the next major changes next week!

We appreciate everyone’s support over these days and look forward to seeing you all.

Jo, David & Staff

Chilbolton Stores Refit Starts


After months of planning the long awaited refit of Chilbolton Stores is about to start. Scheduled to take place over the last two weeks of January, the refit supported with funding from Hampshire County Council and SEEDA will see the shop transformed into a more open airy environment with more modern facilities and ease of access for all.

The first stage started on Sunday 17th January with the removal of the aging gondola shelving units, which have probably been in the shop since the 1970s.

The ensuing space is amazing and you begin to get an idea of how much space will be created with post office fortress being removed as well.

Yes the floor does look a bit of a mess, but on Wednesday Aztec Flooring from Andover will be arriving to remove all the old tiles and the real work begins. Once the old tiles have been taken up, the new counter will be the first bit to be installed,followed quickly by the new Post Office counter. Once these are set up the Post Office systems will be moved and the old Fortress will be removed.