2015 Time for a new approach

In August 2014 David and I had a difficult decision to make. Our house and shop had been “on the market” for approaching three years and we were really no further ahead in finding a buyer despite substantially reducing the price (in fact by 10% under the bricks and mortar valuation of the property). It was time to look at the bigger picture and discuss the alternatives.

We have worked hard in our time here to create a shop with products people want in a clean and pleasant environment. However, the property inside which the shop is currently located is expensive due to its location and character and as such is beyond the reach of those with an interest in taking on the business despite its success. Add to this the reluctance of banks to lend to small businesses and the fact that the “retail” element of the property is too large to get a residential mortgage the challenges are just too numerous.

With this in mind we approached the Parish Council to see if a solution could be reached, our hope was that the village would see the benefit in taking on the business in a new location along with current staff and suppliers to ensure as much consistency as possible. We would obviously offer our services to help ensure the transfer was a smooth one whilst at the same time re-marketing our property as residential and increasing our opportunity for a sale.

Our initial discussions were well received and your Parish Councillors have been working hard to find a new location for your village shop. Please, if you believe as we do that it is important for a village to have a shop, lend your support to any project and please get involved!